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Chandan Tripathi

Name: Chandan Tripathi

Father’s Name : Kailash Tripathi

Vill –Haridabadi, Po- Satapatna

Block- Daspalla, Dist.-Nayagarh

Class- 10th Pass, Age – 16 years,

Sex- Male Caste-Gen, Category – LMD

School – RMJ High School, Satapatna


PREVIOUS CONDITION :He had serious mobility constraints. He was not capable of walking straight. He almost limped and stumbled down frequently.Mentally he was not strong. He was very very sentimental.His daily living skill was not developed as compared to their age group. He was not able to execute his daily living activity.




  • He was indentified as a Loco Motor Disable child by the assessment camp of IIEC under IEDSS project, Daspalla and taken up as a client. He was administered physiotherapy by the SAMARTH Centre of rehabilitation of IIEC

  • Consistent physiotherapy services made him capable of walking strong and straight.

  • The Resource Teacher of IIEC was assisting him in his mobility and supporting him in his studies.

  • Providing parental counseling, home intervention and remedial teaching in class room were some of the major interventions.




  • Although he had problem in walking, now he has improved a lot in walking.

  • Now he is walking independently and straight to a great extent.

  • Academically he is strong. Now he can read and write without help. 

  • His mental capacity and concentration power i.e (attention order) has developed considerably.

  • He has passed HSC Annual examination with flying colour.

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