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Boosting and Equalizing Livelihood Opportunities for persons with disabilties and caregivers through improved vocational and marketing  skills in Odisha,India

Source of  funding : Canadian Auto Workers(CAW) Social Justice Fund, Canada 


Implementing partners: Indian Institute of Education & Care (IIEC) & Handicap International, Odisha


Area of Operation :Block- Daspalla

District – Nayagarh

State – Odisha


Status of Project - Ongoing(since 2011)


Direct beneficiaries - 150 PwDs.


Specific objective - To ensure access to marketable vocational training programs and appropriate backward and forward market linkages for persons with disabilities in Odisha.



  • Household survey, screening and assessment of beneficiary followed by distribution of aids and appliances

  • Physical Rehabilitation and referral

  • Undertake comprehensive market analysis to define relevant training strategy

  • Identify appropriate training curriculum and provide technical, material, management support to VRC and polytechnics to run the courses and make them disabled friendly (intervention at the state level)

  •  Conduct vocational training courses for persons with disabilities

  • Make accessible credit loans through government schemes for SHGs and individual entrepreneur

  • Provide market linkages to SHGs and individual entrepreneur to sell their product at the best price to the right place.

  • Build technical, material and management capacity of VRC and DIC to run market relevant MES courses through community based vocational training programs.

  • Build capacity of selected NGOs to integrate persons with disabilities in vocational education and mainstream livelihood initiative.

  • Build capacity of government credit and rural marketing agencies to include persons with disabilities in their livelihood programs.

  • Organize state level workshops to present the project achievements, share best practices and promote the idea of expanding the project to other districts of Odisha



  • Baseline survey and identification

  • Awareness Meeting with Persons with Disabilities

  • Assessment camp for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs)

  • Training to animators

  • Training for inclusive SHG members

  • Disability Equality Training(DET)  at mobility India, Bangalore

  • Formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) total nos. of SHGs

  • Referral Service provided to of PwDs for issue of their Disability Certificate by CDMO Office, Nayagarh.

  • Physiotherapy treatment provided to PwDs who were direct beneficiaries.

  • Referral Service for Physiotherapy provided to PwDs at Aarogya Physiotherapy Centre, Nayagarh.

  • Management of PT/OT intervention done by the technical person.

  • Posters designed & printed  depicting inclusion of disability in SHGs & their livelihood promotion process. Selected beneficiaries access to bank loan and vocational training through  Nijukti Mission – Govt. of Odisha

  • Aids & appliances provided under Personalized Support System.

  • Camps on use and maintenance of assistive devices

  • Collaboration of IIEC with SMRC in distribution of aids & appliances

  • Training/exposure visit as a part of capacity building of PwDs.

  • Livelihood mapping training programme to staff & stake holders

  • Camp on business planning & vocational training needs assessment for persons with disabilities

  • Exposure visit for the pwds alongwith their caregivers to OUAT & VRC, Bhubaneswar

  • Vocational training to SHGs on animal husbandry, incense stick (Agarbati) making & leaf plate making

  • Handing over the livelihood starter  tool kits to the concerned SHGs / individuals


Collaboration :

         Vocational Rehabilitation Centre (VRC), Govt. of India, District Industry Centre (DIC), Nayagarh, MSME, Govt. of India, Orissa Rural Development and Marketing Society(ORMAS), Other line departments of the State government, Civil Society Organizations. 

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