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Pilot study on mainstreaming children with learning disability in formal schools

Source of funding : DPC, SSA, Nayagarh


Area of operation : Block - Daspalla

District – Nayagarh

State – Odisha


Status of Project : Completed (2009-10)


A Pilot Study Report on “Mainstreaming children with Learning Disability in Formal Schools” was prepared by the Research Team of IIEC. The study report was assigned by the Sarva Shikshya Abhiyan (SSA), Nayagarh which is to identify children with Learning Disabilities with their associated problems.


This report was based on some research questions (briefly) which include the ability of the child such as reading, writing, Math, Language, Auditory, Memory, Spatial, attention & social etc. This modest attempt has also delved into some areas unexplored by their teachers as well as parents. The study report based on the survey & interacts with the cwds, Parents & teachers of the cwds & the community. It includes more than 60nos. of students of different schools of Daspalla Block under Nayagarh District. Reflections on reading disorders & preventive measures are also reflected in the studies. Some successful case studies also are there about the LD Children.

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