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Aarogya Physiotherapy Centre, Nayagarh in PPP Mode

Implementing partners: Indian Institute of Education & Care (IIEC), Rogi Kalyan Samiti (Under NRHM), Nayagarh & Red Cross Society, Nayagarh


Location: District Headquarters Hospital Campus, Nayagarh


Status of Project : Ongoing(since 2011)


     The Centre established on PPP mode at the District Head Quarters Hospital premises, Nayagarh catering to the physiotherapy and occupational therapy needs of disabled children and persons.    


Broad aim of the centre : Promoting a safe, nurturing and stimulation environment that will enhance each child’s sense of self esteem and security. Encouraging a child’s emotional, social, physical, intellectual and language development through a developmentally appropriate programme. Fostering optimal growth and development of a child through exploration discovery and play. Minimizing acquisition of additional handicapping situations. Promoting adaptive family functioning. Preventing, circumventing and ameliorating developmental disabilities.


Objectives: This center will provide physiotherapy services to cerebral palsied children, orthopedically handicapped children and other children with special needs. To cater to the physiotherapy services need of children with special needs of Nayagarh district and to help them being integrated in mainstream schools. To provide occupational aids, appliances and other assistive devices for children with special needs. To impart special education and training, Social and psychological counseling and pre-vocational education to children with special needs To provide OPD and extension services to benefit needy children with special needs To mainstream the children and adults with special needs and help them establish as productive citizens To Identify and assess vulnerable children and provide appropriate therapy services.


Type of Services provided : Different types of therapy services provided with the use of modern technology (electronic, manual & machines) in Aarogya Physiotherapy Centre by professional experts of IIEC such as electro therapy, music therapy, laser therapy, behavioral therapy for all types of paralysis i.e. Paralysis (hemiplegia, Paraplegia & Quadriplegia); Cerebral Palsy & Muscular disease, Club-foot, Bow-log etc. ; Joint pain, Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, Knee pain, stiffness and fracture, femur fracture etc.; all types of accident related problems.


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