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            Ongoing Initiatives of  IIEC 

  • SAMARTH Physiotherapy Centre

  • Mitigating Learning Poverty through Community Radio Pedagogy

  • Combating Learning Disability for Holistic Inclusive Education

  • Blind Football for Men & Women

  • Anti-Drug Campaign  

  • Study on Gender and Mental Health 

  • Study on Migration and Mental Health 

  • Study on Community Media and Social Development 


            Ongoing Initiatives of  Radio Surabhi

        Community Radio Surabhi

(Lead CRS Approved by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, GoI.)

  • Siksha Diksha (Education)- Sikshya Surabhi I, II & III

  • Chasa Basa (Agril. & allied)

  • Gyana Bigyan (Knowledge & Science)

  • Jibika (Livelihood)

  • Mo Gaon Mo Jibana (My village My life)

  • Kala O Kalpana (Art & Performing Arts )

  • Kids World

  • SUNA JHIA (Golden Girl)    

  • BISWAKARMA (Artisans)

  • Swasthya Sampad (Health Issues)

  • Smruti O Anubhuti (Memoirs )

  • Nari Jagat (Women's World)

  • Youth Vibes 

  • Folk Programs

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