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Samarth- Success Stories




Name: Rabindra Ku Chincoli

At/ Po-Satapatna,


Dist: Nayagarh

Occupation : Jewellery Worker

Sex : male

Age : 48


C/c- compiling of pain at the neck and it radiates up to the arm and hand and also

had a low back pain and it is happening some 6 month earlier.


History : He had a history of doing jewelry work with maximum time ( head in

flexion position).


Medical : He had shown to many doctors. Starting from orthopedics to neurologist

at Cuttack and undergone medication accordingly but no relieves of pain and

improvement is seen and he is neither diabetic nor alcohol person


Social : He is a jewelry workers and belongs to a poor middle class family.


Investigation – 


X-Ray- degenerative changes are seen at the vertibrac and the alignment of

cervienl vertibrac is slightly straight

MRI – In MRI Report the C3, C4, and C5, nerve roots are compressed.

Special Test- Empty can Test – Negative; Hakin’s Kenedy Test – Negative; Neural Tension Test – Positive

Differencing Diagnosis - Cervical Spondylosis; Cervical Spondylolisthesis ; SI joint Disfunction



























Name: Pujarani Sahoo

Fathers Name: Pramod Ku. Sahoo


Block-Daspalla, Dist: Nayagarh

Occupation : Student

Sex : female

Caste : OBC Age : 15


Chief Complain: She is unable to balance while standing and walking


Present : she is a Locomotor Disabled patient.


Past: She is a premature delivery child present with some abnormal symptoms

like delayed cry, limb length discrepancy and some organs are not developed

properly at her birth time.


Medical :She was treated previously at S.V. NIRTAR, Olatpur, Cuttack

12 years before and there she was diag nosed as a premature birth patient and 

undergonesurgery for the limb length discrepancy. After that she was given,

occupation therapy and physiotherapy for somedays, 2 years earlier

she was identified by IIEC under the project IEDSS, Daspalla block

in Nayagarh District and after that her treatment was done at the

physiotherapy centre at IIEC Daspalla and she was also provided

the guidance for study under the IEDSS project.


Social : She belongs to a very poor labour class family and her socio

economic status is not good.


















































Name: Khageswar Sahoo

At- Patapurpatna

Po- Satapatna,

Block-Daspalla Dist: Nayagarh

Occupation : Retired Teacher

Sex : male

Age : 70


C/c – Chief Complain He is complaining of pain on the lower back, while

walking and long standing and it radiates up to the leg.


Present : he has no certain history of the pain. It started suddenly 6

months back and slowly it’s growing up.


Medical : Previously he consulted a doctor at Nayagarh and was

prescribed some medicine but it did not help reduce the pain.


Personal History : He is neither a diabetic nor an alchoholic patient.

But he is a smoker and takes some tobacco.


Social : he is a retired teacher and belongs to a middle class family.















































Name: Susanta Ku Das

At- Durgabazar Po- Daspalla

Block - Daspalla Dist: Nayagarh

Occupation : Work at Petrol pump

Sex : Male, Age : 31


C/c –   Chief Complain He is unable to extend his right leg and unable to

walk properly and he is also unable to balance on his leg.


History : Previously he had a road accident 1 and half year earlier. He had

got fracture on condoyle of humorous on his right leg and admitted to SUM

hospital, BBSR and undergone surgery of open reduction and K wire and

plate fixation, on the humerous of his right leg. After 10 months the K-Wire

and the plate wire were removed.


Medical :  After surgery he had gone under medication for few days.

He was taking some antibiotic and calcium tablet.


Present :He is not alchoholic or a diabetic person.


Social : He belongs to a middle class family and is well known as a good person in the area


O/E – (On Examination)






























Name: Ashamani Sahoo

At- Laxmi Bazar,Po- Daspalla,

Dist: Nayagarh

Occupation : House Wife

Sex : Female

Age : 60 





          He started physiotherapy session just 1 month ago and now his quadriceps

power is increased and his balance is also increased. His posture is also starting

to change and we advised him to continue the treatment for a few days more.


Chief Complain : 

          She is complaining of pain at the both knee. While walking, standing up

from sitting and also pain in standing for a long time since 2 years.


Present : Pain on the both knee.


Medical : She is a diabetic patient and taking medication for that.


Social : She belongs to a middle class family and her family is will know

in ‘Daspalla’ and surrounding areas.

















Ravindra Ku Chincoli

Pujarani Sahoo

Khageswar Sahoo

Susanta Ku Das

Ashamani Sahoo

Some Glimpses of Despair to HopeSuccess Stories of

Aarogya Physiotherapy Centre




Sanu Sethi

Name– Sanu Sethi

Fathers Name - Rabindra Seth

Age – 2 years,

Sex – Female

Dist – Nayagarh


Diagnosis  – Brachial Plexus injury (During birth)


Before Treatment – Her LT. U/L is flial and were not able to move. (Shoulder to hand is flial)



After Treatment – After 6 months of treatment (therapy services) her LT. U/L functioned

properly. Her little finger did not function in a proper way but all of her body was functional.

And therapy services are still continuing.


- Using modified splint.










Name– Amar Mishra

At- Padmadeipur

Dist – Nayagarh

Age – 18 months,

Sex – Male

Dist – Nayagarh


Diagnosis – Cerebral Palsy 


Before treatment: He was not able to move U/L and L/L, Muscles are spastic in

both limbs. He was not able to sit, not able to identify family members.


After Treatment – Able to sit without support and also able to eat biscuit etc from

our hand. After consistent and regular therapy services the child says some words

like ‘Mama’ etc. social smile also visible and some cognitive problems have been eliminated.








Name – Kalpana Mishra

At- Debottar Colony

Po- Nayagarh

Dist – Nayagarh

Age – 54 years,

Sex – Female


Diagnosis – 1. Chronic O.A of B/L knee joint2. Dise prolapse (Lumbar) with

kyphotic posture.



Before treatment : Not able to bear body weight (more than 5-10 min.) or stand.

Severe radiating B/L L/L pain and tingling sensation. She was not able to walk

more than 100 meter.



After treatment : After taken therapy services able to walk and stand properly.

She is now a govt. teacher (/head Mistress). She goes to school and teaches in standing position.







Name – Rabindra Routray

At- Muktapur

Dist – Nayagarh

Age – 33,

Sex – Male

Occupation – T.V Actor (Great Political Circus-OTV)



Diagnosis – Severe cervical spondylities


Before treatment : suffering cervical pain severely tingling and radiating pain in

B/L U/L. not able to drive bike or walk without cervical collar.


After treatment : After one month of therapy services he is now able to drive

bike and join his profession smoothly











Name – Susanta Swain

At- Champatipur

Dist – Nayagarh

Age – 32,

Sex – Male


Diagnosis – Head Injury (RTA)


Before treatment : Totally Bed ridden and wheel chair user, severe muscle

tight / spasticity all over body. Less social command and depressed.Road

accident while drunk. 


After treatment : After 5-6 months of therapy services he was able to stand

and walk independently but with abnormal gait pattern. Able to eat and ADL

are done independently. Able to walk long distance like ½ or one k.m.

Now socially satisfied dignified.












Name – Ganeswar Biswal

At- Narasingh Prasad

Dist – Nayagarh

Age – 58,

Sex – Male


Diagnosis – RT. Hemiplegia


Before treatment : He took to therapy services very late (after 4-5 yrs

of the problem). Walked with supporting devices. Abnormal gait and very

tight spasticity developed in RT. U/L muscle.


After treatment : After 6-7 months of therapy services, he sprang to walk

independently with very long distance he was able to do. Totally independent

and occupationally fit. He is immensely happy with physiotherapy/occupational

therapy services at Aarogya Physiotherapy Centre.













Name – Rita Pal

Po-Sarankul, Dist – Nayagarh

Age – 1 ½ yrs. ,

Sex – Female child


Diagnosis – Cerebral Palsy (spastic)


Before treatment : Not able to stand and her muscle is spastic in U/L and L/L also.

Flat feet and developing deformity B/L ankle


After treatment : After one month of treatment, spasticity in her muscle U/L

and L/L has diminished. Able to stand withsupportUsing splint (posterior slab)

Preventing stage of deformity.







Name – Biswajeet Khatei

At- Gotisahi

Po- Machipada

Dist – Nayagarh

Age – 6 yrs,

Sex – Male child


Diagnosis – Epilesy with Hemiparesis (R+)



Before treatment : Sometime back attack of epilepsy and abnormal gait walk. He was not

able to eat in Rt hand. Developing deformity in Rt leg.



After treatment : After 20 days of treatment able to eat (Biscuit) in Rt. Hand and

gait are improving or at correcting stage. Reducing spasticity in Rt. U/L and decreasing

risk of developing deformity in Rt. Leg. 

Amar Mishra

Kalpana Mishra

Rabindra Routray

Susanta Swain

Rita Pal

Biswajeet Khatei

Ganeswar Biswal

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