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About Us

IIEC established in 1996 by a group of intellectuals, social workers and scientists, aims to empower people to have access to all resources for their own development through eco-friendly technology and participatory methods and to protect the rights of children, women, tribals, farmers, persons/children with disabilities  for their holistic development. The organization visualizes a world where the poor, marginalized and the vulnerable are integrated in the mainstream and share development with dignity and liberty.

IIEC visualizes a society where the poor, marginalized and vulnerable are empowered to handle their own development and negotiate within the system with dignity and liberty.

  • Facilitating qualitative improvement in people’s access, security and status in their  social,  economic, political and physical situations through a participatory and process oriented approach.

  • Protecting human rights with emphasis on children, women & differently abled and facilitating sustainable developement in a participatory way. 

  • Ensuring gender sensitive and responsive governance by empowering the stakeholders and social structure.

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