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Community Governance in Infrastructure Services (CGIS)

Source of funding : European Union


Implementing partners : Indian Institute of Education & Care (IIEC) & Practical Action, Srilanka


Area of Operation 22 slums in 09 Wards of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC)

District – Khordha

State – Odisha


Status of Project - Ongoing(since 2009)


Means of execution : Community Based Approach


Objective : To reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of the poor and marginalized men, women, children and children/persons with disability in urban slums of Bhubaneswar.


Specific Objectives-

  • To have participation of poor and vulnerable men and women in consultative and decision-making process.

  • To develop, practise and disseminate innovative systems on community governance in infrastructure and service delivery.

  • To build the capacities of local governance systems.


Beneficiaries : 25000 slum dwellers.


Project intervention :

  1. Safe Drinking Wate

  2. Sanitation 

  3. Solid Waste Management


Achievements :

  •       Formation and strengthening of Slum Development Committee (SDC), Cluster Steering Committee (CSC), Project Area Apex Committee (PAAC), Community Infrastructure Management Committee (CIMC)

  •       Capacity of slum dwellers built up through various training programmes with an inclusive approach on SJSRY, RTI, Leadership, Communication, Lobby & Advocacy, Networking, Gender sensitivity etc.  

  •       Collaboration with BMC, Government Departments and International agencies

  •       Media widely sensitized on community governance  across the whole  state through Workshop & Exposure visit to the field area

  •       Production of a model documentary film on Community Governance in Infrastructure Services 

  •       Urban NGO consortium formalized with IIEC initiative

  •       Construction of model infrastructure based on Safe Drinking Water, Solid Waste Management & Sanitation with full community   participation and ¼th community contribution  ( both labour & money) & managed with sustainable mechanism

  •       Inclusion of IIEC in preparation of City Sanitation Plan and Director, IIEC is the only NGO member in the City sanitation Committee

  •       Inclusion of Model Community Infrastructure in the agenda of local self government day occasion by handing over to community in presence of Hon’ble Ministers & Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) as well as  Members of Parliament (MP) with convergence approach by the involvement of nodal departments.

  •       Disbursement of fund from MLA LAD for Model Community Infrastructure 

  •       Dissemination of Community Governance theme to slums outside project area through health awareness and camps programme

  •       Release of a book on RTI in presence of Chief Information Commissioner,  Odisha on the platform .

  •       Establishment of RTI kiosk at Ward level

  •       Submission of memorandum on effective implementation of RTI to the Chief Information Commissioner; Chief Secretary, GoO, Mayor, BMC, BBSR.  

  •       Preparation of Manual & Guideline on Community Governance in regional language (Odia)

  •       Publication of a booklet on community governance and a compendium of different govt. schemes on social security & women development.

  •       Dissemination of governance approach to different parts of the State through meetings, interaction & workshops

  •       Media Campaigning through sponsorship programmes  in different channels, On Screen debate on the issue of Urban Governance  

  •       Influencing corporate houses, donor agencies through process oriented approach of community governance

  • Influencing people’s representatives through meetings, interaction & field exposure

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