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Integrated Education For Disabled Children (IEDC)

Source of funding :  Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India


Area of operation :  Block- Daspalla

District – Nayagarh

State – Odisha


Means of execution : Community based approach


Status of Project : Completed (2002-09)


Major Activities :

  • 600 CwDs integrated in general schools with an inclusive approach in Nayagarh district.

  • Identification and assessment of disabled children

  • Remedial teaching to the disabled children by special teachers

  • Enhancing communication and daily living skill of the CwDs

  • Establishing inclusive pre-schools

  • Promoting barrier free structure at the school and community level

  • Establishing resource center to impart special technical training to the CwDs 

  • Capacity building of stakeholders,

       (i)  Training and orientation of general school teachers

       (ii) Training and orientation of special teachers

       (iii) Skill training to parents and community leaders

       (iv) Training and orientation of administrators, officials and policy makers

       (v) Training to PRI members

       (vi) Pre-vocational training to adult children with disabilities

       (vii) Vocational training to children with disabilities through administering occupational therapy and                            physiotherapy

       (viii) Formation of groups related to parents, peers, PRIs and communities


  • Formation and promotion of disabled SHGs

        (i) Training on group dynamics

        (ii) Training on micro credit

        (iii) Training on EDP


  • Providing aids and appliances to the needy clients

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