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Sunita Nayak

Name : Sunita Nayak

Father’s Name: Umesh Chandra Nayak

Age: 22yrs., Category: CP,

Caste: SC At: Madhupur,

PO/GP-DihagaonDist: Nayagarh


             As such Sunita as a Child had failed to cope up with the normal steps of

milestone, development. Through her mother working as an Anganwadi Worker was

conscious of her child’s disability, she could not handle her technically. Therefore

the child grew up with all constraints and barriers up to class-V. at this point of tome

Sunita’s parents as well as teachers got very skeptical about the purpose of her

studies. This negative and fatal attitude of the guardians was forcing her to withdraw.


          At this critical juncture, the professional of IIEC come to her rescue and things

worked like wonder thereafter. The mindset of a disease affecting Sunita was totally

removed. The state of affairs being a condition could certainly improve with technical

intervention. So the Resource Teacher along with other professional provided the

basic skills, motor co-ordination, equipments and the necessary support services

to build up her capacity. The strong sense of confidence got her admitted in High

School. The training of Mobility Instructor helped her learn different techniques of

movements, skill techniques to locate objects in proper manner with learning aids

and functional aids. Several Therapy exercises were applied to her arms, hands

and fingers. Consistent speech therapy would control her facial muscles.


                  All these interventions worked like miracles on Sunita. Her level of adaptability has been

indicated by, helping mother in household chores such as pumping tube-well for fetching water, grinding spices with stone-rolls etc. with a sense of proportion and balance.


                 The dedicated efforts of the Resource Teacher and Sunita’s commitment proved an example in last High School Certificate Examination. A student of Panchayat High School, she appeared the examination with the support of an Assistant Writer provided by IIEC. She passed the examination with high 2nd class. Her successful exemplary result is certainly result an output of her indomitable mental courage and self confidence. Her peer groups were the first to congratulate Sunita on her successful result.


                 After her Plus Two she got admitted in the K.P.D Women’s college, Daspalla. She completed her Graduation (+3 Arts) in the year 2009. Then she engaged herself in different SHG activities & she proved herself. It is a great achievement for IIEC staff. After our Livelihood project launching now she fully participate in our initial activities and meeting. She is now leading her SHG group (consist of 9pwds) for our livelihood project and it is our conviction that she will be proved herself as an example.

Better Accessibility, Better Business

Name: Mrs. Rupabati Mohanty

Husband’s Name: Mr. Benupani Das

Age: 29yrs. Sex: Female

Disability Category: OH

Percentage of disability : 80%

Caste: General Religion: Hindu,

Marital Status: Married

Address: At/Po-Kunjabangada, Daspalla, Nayagarh


Background :


             Mrs. Rupabati Mohanty, a 31year-old lady tailor who runs tailoring work like making quilt from old clothes, stitching dresses of children in her house. She usually faced difficulties for collecting the work-order due to her mobility constraints. “Inaccessibility is the biggest barrier to growing my business” she used to complain. She lives with her 8yr old son Papuna in a small house built by herself on a govt. land at Kunjabangada. Unfortunately her husband divorced her since 2 yrs. because of some personal problems. She gets disabled pension of `300/- per month and is also availing the Antyodaya Anna Yojana scheme of govt.


In-access to access:


              On dtd. 10.07.2012 a Block Level BHIMA BHOI SAMARTHYA SIBIR was

organized at UGME School, Patpurpatna, Gram Panchayat-Jagdevpatna, Daspalla

Block by the Block Officials. Because of prior liasioning of IIEC with

Social Educational Organizer (SEO) we helped her avail a tricycle for her from the

block office. Presently she is very happy and said “Now I will be able to collect

the work-order from the door steps of the individual households of different villages

covering 8-10kms. & it will make me more productive and economically self-sufficient.


        It has not only enhanced her mobility but also increased her socio-economic

standard. Previously she got work-order of rupees worth `600 to `700 per month but

after getting the tricycle she is now capable to earn around `3000 per month. It has

also boosted her capacity to provide better education and quality life for her children.


     From the very beginning of the project she was involved with IIEC programmes. Now she

is working as the Secretary of Shivasankar Self Help Group, Kunjabangada. The group comprises

of 10 members. She always shows her special interest in involving herself in all kinds of meetings

& camps. Her drive towards her own development has become an example for others. She has

proved that success doesn’t just happen, one has to plan with confidence to make it happen.














Boosting livelihood opportunity:


Mrs. Rupabati was capacitated by participation in Business Planning and Vocational Training

need assessment conducted by IIEC and HI. Her subsequent exposure visit to VRCH, OUAT also

helped her gain knowledge and information. A six-day livelihood training on Animal husbandry

supported by a livelihood starter-kit worth `2000/- provided by HI as a part of the project boosted her

morale as well as business. She launched a small poultry farm in her backyard and already proved

herself by selling chickens as well as eggs. This potential livelihood opportunity provided by IIEC along

with her own endeavours has changed her quality of life and established her as a role model.











Mrs. Rupabati Mohanty

Mamata Naik

Name : Mamata Naik

Fathers Name : Laxman Naik

Age: 29yrs, Qualification: 9th Pass,

Sex: Female, Caste: SC

Village: Similisahi, PO: Similisahi,

Via: Satapatna PS-Daspalla, Dist: Nayagarh (Odisha)


Family Members: 3




            A very distressing incident happened with Mamata Naik. One year back during the

kitchen work suddenly Mamata attacked by epilepsy and she fell down by the side of fire

Unfortunately fire engulfed her and burnt. Immediately she referred to nearest hospital for

treatment. In this accident her fingers of legs and hands were got bent. Therefore she is not

completely able to doing her own and household work perfectly.


           During our survey work we found her as a very vulnerable women. She was married to a daily wage earner but unfortunately her husband left her after the incident and now she lives with her parents. During the survey we found out that she has no disability certificate. Therefore, our team planned to get her disability certificate as soon as possible. On 1.08.2011 our animators escorted her to CDMO Office, Nayagarh. Doctor examined her and gave a certificate showing her disability.


           By virtue of the certificate she is able to get PwDs pension from the block. Now she got Rs.200 per month disabled pension.


           Her personal level of confidence increased and she expressed her willingness to involve herself in our SHG group which will pave the way to lead a new life.

Gitanjali Sahoo

Name : Gitanjali Sahoo (MR)

Fathers Name- Gobinda Sahoo

Age – 30 Years, Sex- Female,

Family Member- 07

At- Haridabadi, P.O- Satpatana

Via- Daspalla, Dist – Nayagarh


                 Miss Gitanjali Sahoo is a MR woman. She belongs to a very poor family. She

discontinued her study when she was 15years old. At the age of 18years she got married

but after 2 months of her marriage she was mentally imbalanced due to unforeseen reasons.

Due to her mental imbalance she could not cope with family members and resort to

misbehavior and quarreling. Due to such type of disturbance her family members admitted

her at Berhampur Medical. She got treatment there for some days but due to no considerable

improvement her family members stopped her treatment and went back.


                 Now she is unable to doing her daily work independently. So now Gita’s mother looks after her completely. On dated 1.11.2011 our animator took her to CDMO Nayagarh office and assisted to get her disability certificate. After she got her certificate now at B.D.O office she applied her application for getting the pension which meant for pwds. After the intervention of our team now her mother who is Gita’s care giver wants to join in our SHG to do some work which will get her monetary benefit to lead her life as well as her family.

Bulu Nayak

Name: Mr. Bulu Nayak

Father’s Name: Mr. Kulamani Nayak

Age: 32yrs. Sex: Male

Disability Category: OH (PPRP of both lower limb)

Percentage of disability : 90%

Caste: General Religion: Hindu

Marital Status: Married

Present Address: At/Po – Subalaya, GP- Khamarsahi,

Daspalla, Dist-Nayagarh


Background :


              Mr. Bulu Nayak, a 32 year old man live with her wife and two daughters in a small hut

built by himself at their own land at Subalaya since last 10years. He migrated from his original

native place at-Dindabhuin, Po- Dihagaon, due to family disturbances. He left his study after

8th Standard and learning the tailoring work for 1-2 year. Then he independently started tailoring

work. But due to some problem he left the job after 3-4years and working at a Tiffine Centre.

Gradually he learn all the process and preparation of tiffine and sweets and start his own shop

with partnership. After 4-5 years he left the shop and started his own shop. During that period

he was able to earned 1000-1500 rupees. But due to lack of money he unable to run the shop

for long time and wind up the shop. She usually faced difficulties for access due to her mobility

constraints. He gets disabled pension of Rs.300/- per month.







In-access to access:


            As per our prior listed he got a Tricycle from IIEC on dt. 14th March 2013. Now he isvery happy to have a tricycle which is help him a lot for access. He also involved in the every activities done by IIEC for enhancement of SHGs and development.















Major Participation-


  • A 2 days camp on business planning and vocational training Need Assessments for PwDs

  • on dt. 18th Dec. 2012.

  • Interface between VRC & SHGs on 19th Dec. 2012 at VRC, Bhubaneswar (An Exposure

  • visit arranged for 64 nos. of participants to OUAT & VRC, Bhubaneswar

  • A 2 days training on CBR dt. 26th & 27th Feb. 2013 at SMRC, Bhubaneswar

  • A 6days vocational training to SHG on Poultry farming from dt. 21st to 26th March 2013

  • Received Tool Kit (Poultry – 20nos. of colour chicks, Feeder-1 , Drinker-1 & Bamboo

  • Basket-1 & Food for chicks-20kg., Medicine) on dt. 10th May 2013


              From the very beginning of the project he was involved with IIEC. Now he is working as the President of Shree Saibaba Self Help Group, Subalaya. The group contains 12nos. of members. He always shows his special interest in involving himself in all kinds of meetings & camps. Now he is very happy with his livelihood activity. Also her wife is involved & work hard with him for future sustainable and prosperous.


             His drive towards his own development has become an example for others.


















Shree Saibaba Self Help Group(SHG)


Address : Subalaya, Daspalla, Dist-Nayagarh, Odisha, Pin-752091

Total No. of Members : 11 (Eleven) – (Male-8 + Female -3)

Type of Disability : LMD – 9nos., ID – 2nos.

Date of Establishment : 10.02.2012


         Established at Subalaya village under Khamarsahi Gram Panchayat under Daspalla

block, the members with disabilities are fully conversant with the rules and regulations

of SHG including financial transactions. With a sense of solidarity, the members hold

meetings both weekly and monthly. The elected office bearers such as president and

secretary maintain all formalities and have strengthened group dynamism. IIEC facilitated

and built up their capacity and also provided all logistic support IIEC got their transport

and other concessions approved from competent authority.


        The members underwent a training programme on Business Planning and

Vocational Need Assessment for PwDs organized by IIEC and HI in collaboration with

VRCH. They also availed the benefits of exposure visit to VRCH and OUAT, Bhubaneswar.


          As a part of the programme of boosting livelihood opportunities for PwDs, these

members decided to choose one homogeneous trade like poultry. A 6-day training on

Curriculum Development and Field Testing on Poultry was conducted by experts. The

group was provided livelihood starter kits worth `24,000/- for the trade. In 3months time

they sold one bird @`200/- to `250/- and could earn `17,500/-. 30nos. of chickens are laying eggs helping them earn at least `150/- daily. They have already saved an amount of `12,210/- in UCO Bank at Satpatna of Daspalla block and had loan transaction of `7000/- within the group.


           This also indicates a successful milestone for the group that TRIPTI was encouraged to include all the 16 SHGs in its ambit of Cluster Level Forum(CLF) and Gram Panchayat Level Forum(GPLF). In order to enhance access and mobility of SHG members, IIEC in collaboration with SMRC provided one Tri-Cycle to Mr. Bulu Naik, President of the group and need based aids and assistive devices to other members.


                   This also adds to their entrepreneurship ability that they are paying a monthly rent of `300/- to another poultry farm for their slot and selling chickens with a very good profit margin. As a whole their confidence has been boosted leading to a visible change in their quality of life.






















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