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Prasanta Rout

Name: Prasanta Rout

Father’s Name - Panchanan Rout

At/Po – Poibadi, Block : Daspalla

Class : XI, Age : 17 Years,

Disability Category : VI

Academic Institution: B.S. College Daspalla



             Prasanta Rout comes from a middle class family. As a child he was like any

other abled one. When he was studying in class –VIII, he was attacked by Cerebral

Malaria. A few months later he gradually began losing his vision and then he turned

totally blind. He dropped out of school and failed to continue his study and eventually

found him isolated from the rest of the society.



              He was identified by IIEC professional and with their help he was counseled

besides his parents to accept blindness as a reality, provided orientation & mobility

training and was boosted with hope and courage. He was assured all technical help

and also exposed to some of them. And then he was admitted into the nearby school

for continuing his study. He went to his secondary school every day with his peer groups.

IIEC Resource teachers helped him to do his class work as well as home work .

Adequate stepswere taken to record all his text books and class lectures in audio-

cassettes which helpedhim immensely in preparation of lessons. His level of

confidence helped him to achieveexcellence also in other non-academic pursuits like

music and acting etc. Now his spiritof determination and aspiration for a meaningful

qualitative life and career is consistentlybeing nurtured by IIEC with utmost care and

technical support. The general school authority along with other concerned teachers

were also sensitized enough to ensurehis inclusion in class room and beyond.

His association with peer groups helped himfind the way to school and other places.

The IIEC Resource Teacher provided himmobility training, DLS training, Braille reading &

writing training, socialization training etc. He appeared in 10th Board Exam by the help

of writer facilitated by IIEC and thenhe successfully passed HSC exam in First Division.



                He passed the 10th Odisha Board Exam. with flying colours.

Now he is a proud student of B.S. College, Daspalla. IIEC will help Prashant to fulfill his aims and aspirations of life.

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