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Towards Disability Inclusive Development through a Strengthened Rehabilitation Sector in Souch Asia

Source of funding : EuropeAid Development and Cooperation/ Handicap International


Area of Operation : India, Bangaldesh, Sri Lanka & Afganistan


Status of Project - Ongoing(since 2012)


Overall Objective:

To increase participation of Persons with Disabilities, with particular emphasis on the most socially and geographically isolated, in community and civil society and shaping future development efforts in South Asia region.


Specific Objective:

To expand CBR activities, strengthen the physical rehabilitation sector through implementing relevant continuing education and linking these actions with formation, strengthening or increased awarness of rehabilitation policy in Odisha/India.


Expected Results:

1. Extend physical rehabilitation services and assistive technologies to the most vulnerable populations through innovative,extended, strengthened and capacitated CBR, referal meachanisms, and family and community awarness on physical rehab and other needs/ rights of Persons with Disabilities.


2. Improve capacity, sustainability and cooperation between local, national and regional physical rehabilitation stakeholders through implementing regionally based, locally appropriate, inter disciplinary continuing education platform.


3. Establish, consolidate or promote service delivery policy or practice guidelines on physical rehabilitation and related medical services through strengthened Non-State Actors and local authorities and facilitating linkages between NSA/ LAs and state actors. 


Programatic/Technical Obligation of IIEC:


  • IIEC will identify and assign responsibility to Project Focal Point to coordinate project activities with HI.

  • IIEC will issue internal notification to elaborate and define the responsibity of Project Focal Point towards the project

  • IIEC will do one comprehensive analysis at State level of needs and unmet needs in current rehabilitation training, position of professional associations, physical rehabilitation services, coordination and policy

  • IIEC will contribute to the regional development of minimum 4 CPE modules.

  • IIEC will implement 4 CPE curriculums with professional associations including rehabilitation service providers, professional association and relevant local actors and targeting 80 rehabilitation professionals.

  • IIEC will conduct follow up qualitative and quantitave survey of interdisciplinary practices.

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