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'SAMARTH' Physiotherapy Centre, Daspalla

(Center for Rehabilitation, Training & Research)

Source of funding : Own Source


Location: Daspalla Branch Office Premises, Daspalla,Nayagarh


Status of Project - Ongoing(since 2004)


Beneficiaries covered update:  8400 


SAMARTH is a centre devoted to rehabilitation, training and research for the disabled community.


  • Provision of physiotherapy/ occupational therapy services for cerebral palsied children, orthopedically handicapped children and other children with special needs.

  • Provision of Aids, appliances and other assistive devices for children with special needs.

  • Special education and training, social and psychological counseling and pre-vocational education to children with special needs.

  • OPD and extension services to benefit needy children with special needs.

  • Identification and assessment of vulnerable children and provision of appropriate therapy services.

  • Transfer of technical skill of therapy services to the parents of disabled children and care givers.

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