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Runubala Jani

Name: Runubala Jani

Father’s Name : Jatendra Jani

Vill – Badakurubangi, Po- Poibadi

Block: Daspalla, Dist.- Nayagarh

Class- 10th Pass, Age – 16 years,

Sex- FemaleCaste-ST,

Category – LV

School – Daspalla High School, Daspalla



              Runubala was born in a poor family of daily wage labourer. She was identified as a low vision child through the special educator of IIEC during an assessment camp. As a child with low vision she was facing problems in reading and writing in the class room. She could not read or write without naked eyes. She used magnifying glass/spectacle. During reading she felt irritation and strain in eyes. Eye sight decreased day by day. Her socio-economic status was very poor. She was handled by the special educator of IIEC under IEDSS project.



            She was detected as a Low vision student by the special educator of IIEC under IEDSS project. She was immediately provided a necessary glass and study materials. The Resource Teachers of IIEC helped her in her studies in the class room and remedial teaching in home. She was sitting in the front line in the class room. The Resource Teacher was providing remedial teaching in the Resource Room by the help of different magnifier glasses.



             She can read and write through the magnifying glasses and spectacles. Now she has passed 10th annual examination. Academically she has grown very strong and the level of confidence has improved.

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