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Subhasmita Sahoo

Name : Subhasmita Sahoo

Father’s Name : Devraj Sahoo,

Vill –Gohoriapada, Po- Satapatna,Block- Daspalla, Dist.-Nayagarh,

Class- 10th Pass, Age – 16 years, Sex- Female, Caste -OBC,

Category – LV,

School – Satapatna High School, Satapatna


PREVIOUS CONDITION :Subhasmita Sahoo was born in poor middle class family. Her socio economic status was very precarious. At the time of her birth she was a normal child. Her parents came to know her vision loss and eye problem at the age of 3. Her parents tried to provide proper treatment but due to poor financial condition and ignorance they could not provide anything of that sort. She could not go to school regularly as her parents were illiterate and moreover she lost 80% of vision. She faced immense problem in reading and writing in the class room.


INTERVENTION : She was identified as a low vision child by the assessment camp of IIEC under IED and IEDSS project, Daspalla and taken up as a client of IIEC. The Resource Teachers of IIEC are helping her in the studies in the class room and remedial teaching is imparted in home and in the Resource Room by assistive devices such as book lenses, neck magnifier, hand held magnifiers etc. She is now-a-days sitting in the front line in the class room and improving in her performance.


PRESENT CONDITION : She is going to school regularly with her peer groups without any barrier. She has grown academically very strong. She has passed in her annual HSC examination. Her level of confidence has increased and joined +2 arts as a successful student.

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