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Mamali Patra

Name: Mamali Patra

Father’s Name : Pitabasa Patra

Vill – Dindabhuin, Po- Dindabhuin 

Block- Daspalla, Dist.-Nayagarh

Class- 10th Pass, Age – 16 years,

Sex- Female Caste-OBC,

Category – LV

School – Panchayat High School, Dihagaon


PREVIOUS CONDITION :Mamali was born as a daughter in a very poor daily wage

labourer’s family. Her socio economic status was quite miserable. At the time of her birth

she was a normal child. But she gradually lost vision. She could not see things clearly.

She lacked confidence to move from one place to another place independently. She

depended on others and more on his family members. She was able to perform her

daily living activities at home but she could not carry out all her works confidently.

Her out door travel got very restricted. Her parents tried to give proper treatment but

due to illiteracy, ignorance and poverty. They could not provide the right kind of treatment. Academically she performed very poor. She was facing problems in reading and writing in her class room. She was then handled by the Resource Teacher of IIEC, under IEDSS project.




  • She was handled by the Resource teacher of IIEC, under IEDSS

  • The Resource Teacher was providing the technical support in term of Adjustable magnifier reading stand, large print study materials, books, magnifier, C.C T.V etc

  • Providing home based education and parental counseling for her study

  • Her teachers also got trained and received input from Resource Teacher about management of class room situation. She was made to sit in the first row and in her interest large letters and colour letter’s were written on the black board by the class teacher. White boards and inclusive TLM were also provided by IIEC.

  • Remedial teaching was imparted in home and school.




  • Now her indoor mobility skill is very good. She can move inside her house independently.

  • Now academically she is growing stronger. She is capable of writing and reading through the assistive devices.

  • Now she sits in the class constantly and listens the lessons taught by her teacher without any diversion.

  • Through the Resource Teacher and assistive devices now she has passed in 10th annual exam with flying colour.

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