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Sibasis Sahoo

Name: Sibasis Sahoo

Father’s Name : Suresh Sahoo,

Vill –Tentulipatna, Po- Satapatna,

Block- Daspalla, Dist.-Nayagarh,

Class- 10th Pass, Age – 16 years,

Sex- Male, Caste-OBC,

Category – LV,

School – Satapatna High School, Satapatna




              Sibasis Sahoo is a low vision child. He was detected by the Resource Teacher of IIEC, under IEDSS project. He was born in a poor family. His socio economic status was very low. He was facing problem in reading and writing in the class room. He could not see anything with naked eye. He could neither read nor see. Sometime he felt sever headache and both eyes felt like burning. Before 8 years he came to know his eye sight declining. Eye Specialist was consulted and he had to use glass. His eye sight deteriorated day by day. He was unable to take part in different activities and failed to understand the visual concepts properly. He was then handled by the Resource Teacher of IIEC.




  • After medical assessment he was provided glass through the Resource Teacher

  • Assistive devices such as book lenses, neck magnifier, hand held magnifier etc. for his study were provided both at home and Resource Centre.

  • Uniform, study material and allowances through the Resource Teacher were supplied.

  • Remedial teaching in his home and Resource Centre was imparted to him using various magnifying glasses and CCTV.

  • The Resource Teachers of IIEC are helping in her studies in the classroom and remedial teaching at home and Resource Centre.



  • After intervention he has improved in his academic and non-academic skill.

  • The level of confidence has increased

  • Through the assistive devices and with the help of Resource Teacher, he has passed HSC annual exam and proved his mettle.

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