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           Disaster is a sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss and destruction and devastation to life and property. The damage caused by disaster is immeasurable and varies with the geographical location, climate and the type of the earth surface and degree of vulnerability. This influences the mental, socio-economic, political and cultural state of the affected area. The normal day to day life disrupts in the concerned area. It negatively influences the emergency system, normal needs, and processes like food, shelter, health etc. are affected and deteriorated depending on intensity.  Thus disaster is termed as a serious disruption of the functioning of society causing wide spread human, material and environmental losses.  


           To combat possible disaster in the future , the Orissa state Disaster Management Authority along with Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and UNDP have launched urban risk reduction Programme in different urban locations including Bhubaneswar.  IIEC is the major partner of BMC in preparation of Ward Disaster Management Plan for  different  wards. Different committees are formed  based on Early Warning, Search & Rescue, First Aid, Relief & co-ordination, Water & Sanitation, Damage Assessment, Debris Management to combat possible disaster.

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